What Kinds of Gas Cylinders are for Sale from AIROXY?

Due to the wide range of applications of gas cylinders, they are designed in different sizes and capacities. The cylinder’s size is determined not only by the volume but also by the pressure needed to store the gas. Every company manufactures its standards of gas cylinder sizes and capacities. The same is the case with Airoxy which provides all types and sizes of gas cylinders. In this blog post, we will discuss different kinds of gas cylinders along with Airoxy gas cylinders for sale.

Kinds of Gas Cylinders

What are the types of gas cylinders?

The following are three main types of  gas tanks:

 Liquefied Gases

Liquefied gases change into liquid in the cylinder due to high pressure at normal temperature. All such gases exist in the form of liquid-vapor equilibria in a cylinder—for example, ammonia, carbon dioxide, chlorine, and propane.

Non-liquefied Gases

Non-liquefied gases don’t convert into liquid at room temperature under compression at high pressure. Such gases are permanent, pressurized, and compressed—for example, argon, helium, nitrogen, and oxygen.

Dissolved Gases

Dissolved gases are those hazardous gases that can explode at high pressure. For example, acetylene. Such gases are stored in the cylinder by adding another liquid like acetone to make the gas stable.

Another classification of gas tanks depends upon the nature of gas stored. Following are some main gas tanks for sale:

  • Nitrogen Cylinder
  • Hydrogen Cylinder
  • Helium Cylinder
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Carbon dioxide Cylinder

What are the common sizes?

The size of a gas cylinder depends on the amount of gas stored in it or the pressure cylinder can bear. As there are various sizes of empty gas tanks for sale, it’s up to you which size you need. Here are some common cylinder sizes depending upon weight.

20-Pound: It is the most common cylinder due to its easy portability. Its applications are in mosquito catchers and patio heaters.

33-Pound: Cylinders of this size are commonly used in construction. Another application of this cylinder is powering small vehicles and lifts.

100-Pound: Such cylinders are used in household appliances. Its common applications are in a clothes dryer, gas-powered fireplaces, and stoves.

500/1000 Gallon Tank: Used in powering large appliances such as small commercial areas and in heating systems of entire homes.

30,000 Gallon Giant: useful in large industrials, propane storage facilities, and housing communities.

Gas Cylinders on Sale From Airoxy

No matter which size and gas cylinder you need, you can get it all from Airoxy. We provide high-quality gas cylinders for sale. Standard gas cylinders provided by Airoy are LPG cylinders, oxygen cylinder, medical oxygen cylinders, argon gas cylinders, and many others.

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