Things You Should Know Before You Buy Oxygen Cylinders

If you are interested in buying oxygen cylinders, you must know which cylinder suits you. The purpose for which you will buy Oxygen Cylinders should be clear. Moreover, you can get an oxygen cylinder in different sizes and capacities. In this blog post, we will discuss what you should consider when buying an oxygen cylinder.

Oxygen cylinders are common everywhere, in hospitals, industries, and power plants. According to the normal composition of air, there is 21% oxygen in it. As the corona patients fail to inhale proper oxygen from the environment, they are given pressurized oxygen from the oxygen cylinders.

By providing 1-liter oxygen from a concentrator, the level of oxygen in your lungs rises to 24%. When you provide a person with 2-liter to 10-liter oxygen, the oxygen level in his lungs rises to 28% to 60%. One of the potential benefits of using an oxygen cylinder is you can easily regulate the per minute need for oxygen.

What are the Sizes and Capacities?

Oxygen cylinders of different sizes and capacities are available in the market. For which purpose you are going to buy oxygen cylinders demonstrates which oxygen cylinder capacity is perfect for you. The oxygen cylinder sizes and capacities vary depending on the oxygen cylinder’s manufacture.

Besides the need and purpose of using an oxygen cylinder, its capacity depends on its handle pressure. The following are some oxygen cylinders having different sizes and capacities in liters. Buy Oxygen Cylinders of your own choice from these cylinders.

Sr. No. Cylinder Size Cylinder Capacity at 2200 psi
1 A 42 – 165 liters
2 B 164 – 198 liters
3 C 225 liters
4 D 425 liters
5 E 680 – 3455 liters
6 F 7080 liters

How much does the Oxygen Cylinder Cost?

The prices of oxygen cylinders also vary depending upon their size and capacity. Cylinders having a large capacity to compress and store oxygen are more costly than those of small-sized cylinders. The average oxygen cylinder price is ₹3,400 – ₹8,500.

Moreover, the typical operating cost, geographical location, and oxygen purity level also affect the overall cost of an oxygen cylinder. The operating cost of an oxygen cylinder for oxygen generation is $0.07 per M3 / $0.18 per 100 CF to $0.11 per M3 / $0.28 per 100 CF.

Buy oxygen cylinders from Airoxy.

Among all the oxygen gas cylinder suppliers, Airoxy has a remarkable place due to its high operative and structural features. No matter whether you need the oxygen cylinders for a hospital, industry, a home system, or any other purpose, you can get it all.

Airoxy offers oxygen cylinders of different dimensions with different pressures. All you need is to choose the required pressure, temperature, and operative ranges. Enjoy the use of a high-quality Airoxy Oxygen cylinder anywhere you want. Buy Oxygen Cylinders at an affordable price from Airoxy.

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