Things You Should Know About The Oxygen Generator Equipment

One of the most reliable and convenient means of fulfilling oxygen needs is well-quality oxygen generator equipment. Such devices are specifically designed for the production of pure oxygen gas. You can use the generator-produced oxygen directly from this generator system. In this blog post, we will highlight all the important aspects of an oxygen-generating system.

What is the Oxygen Generator System?

An oxygen generator is a medical machine effective in the provision of oxygen to patients feeling difficulty in breathing. The basic framework of an oxygen generator plant comprises a nasal cannula (oxygen mask), oxygen tank, sieve bed filter, and pressure valve. There is no need to refill the system again and again. It will supply you with oxygen constantly for 24 hours without interruption.

How does an Oxygen Generator Work?

Every oxygen generator works on the same mechanism of filtration and concentration by PSA technology. It absorbs ambient air through the inlet valve of the cylinder and the compressor concentrates the sucked oxygen by filtration. Through the zeolite tower of a sieve bed of crystalline material, nitrogen gets adsorbed. In this way, the remaining oxygen is transferred to another tower for the production of seamless oxygen. Then the compressed air is dispersed into the nasal cannula for overcoming oxygen shortage.

Which Industries does the Oxygen Generator Equipment Use?

The industrial oxygen generator is widely used for a broad range of applications. Such machines are useful in the delivery of oxygen gas for the manufacturing of different chemicals. The following are some common applications of an industrial oxygen generator:

  • Metallurgical extractions
  • Mining industries
  • Gentrification process
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Papermaking industries
  • Commercial fish farming
  • Chemical Redox technology
  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plants

How to Choose the Right Oxygen Generator Plant?

Wherever you go to buy an oxygen generator plant, you should consult an expert. In the case of buying a medical oxygen generation system, you should seek guidance from physicians. According to the recommendations of industrial and healthcare experts, you should consider the following key points for picking up a quality oxygen generator.

  • Flow Rate

Checking the flow rate capability of an oxygen generator is very crucial. Flow rate elaborates the speed at which oxygen is traveling from generator to patient. Most medical oxygen generation systems measure flow rate in liters per minute.

  • Capacity

You should also keep the capacity of your oxygen-generating system larger than your requirements. For instance, you should pick a 5 LPM generator if you want a constant supply of 3.5 LPM. However, for a 5 LPM supply, we will recommend you to go for an 8 LPM generator.

  • High-Quality Oxygen

Another thing that matters is high-quality oxygen. The quality of oxygen depends upon the number of filters and sieves present in a generator. The greater the number of sieves, the more pure oxygen will be produced. Enjoy 90-95% pure oxygen with this generator.

In short, the oxygen generating system works well for both industrial and medical purposes. Besides the above factors, you should also consider the portability, warranty, noise level, and power consumption rate of your generator. Make your life worthy and safe by using purified oxygen produced from the oxygen generator equipment.

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