Things You Should Know About The Nitrogen Generator System

The Nitrogen generator system is getting established in the market because of its ever-increasing industrial importance. Scientists and researchers use such generators in scientific laboratories to perform analytical calculations with a reliable nitrogen source.

No matter whether you are looking for a nitrogen system to set up your industrial plant or in your laboratory, you will enjoy its functionality. You might be thinking about the presence of excess Nitrogen content in the atmosphere. Despite the high N content, it’s not readily available to plants and other synthetic processes.

Airoxy is a professional gas compressor manufacturer, in this blog post, we will discuss nitrogen gas generators, their working, uses, and durability.

Nitrogen Generator System

What is a Nitrogen Generator System?

Nitrogen generators are devices used to separate nitrogen molecules from the atmospheric air by compression. These generators can purify up to 99.99 percent at flow are needed for scientific equipment. It separates all other gases from the air and provides nitrogen free from any other contamination.

How does a Nitrogen Generator work?

Nitrogen generator systems work on the principle of operation Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). PSA nitrogen generator comprises two adsorbers/towers that are filled with carbon molecular sieve(CMS). These towers are crossed by compressed air and produce nitrogen gas. Compressed air enters from the bottom of the online tower and follows CMS.

CMS absorbs other trace gases and oxygen to allow the passage of nitrogen through it, removing impurities from CMS. CMS has a very narrow range of pore openings, which differs from ordinary activated carbons.  Due to these small openings, small molecules like oxygen can easily penetrate through pores and be separated from large nitrogen molecules. These nitrogen molecules being larger, bypass CMS and emerge as a product. That’s how you can get pure nitrogen gas from a nitrogen generator system.

Where are Nitrogen Generators used?

Nitrogen generator systems are commonly utilized in hypoxic air fire prevention systems to manufacture air with a low content of oxygen that will be suppressed by fire. These are also widely used in laboratories where the supply of pure nitrogen is required.

Such generators are also beneficial for the growth of denitrification bacteria.  Moreover, the Nitrogen generator price is also very affordable for nitrogen generator manufacturers. Its affordability and wide range of applications make it a superb nitrogen generating system.

How long do Nitrogen Generators Last?

The average time for which a nitrogen generator continues working efficiently is 15 years. However, it’s possible only if you maintain your nitrogen generator in good condition. One important thing that often encounters us while buying a nitrogen system is its durability. Nitrogen generator manufacturers of Airoxy feel pride in providing high-quality, long-lasting nitrogen systems to the market.

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