Things You Should Know About Medical Oxygen Concentrators

With the increased demand for medical oxygen for patients, a decline has been observed in its supply. Everyone wants to have their medical oxygen source in hospitals, businesses, and residential areas. The need for this oxygen can be fulfilled by concentrating the environmental air after its purification. In this way, oxygen of high concentration and purity is produced. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of medical oxygen concentrators for humans.

Medical Oxygen Concentrators

What is Medical Oxygen?

Medical Oxygen is similar to ambient environmental air in some aspects. However, it’s different depending upon the concentration of oxygen. If we compare the environmental air with the compressed gas of a cylinder, medical oxygen contains 40-60% oxygen while that of environmental air contains 21% oxygen.

This medical oxygen purity relieves the patient suffering from hypoxemia. Despite using this oxygen treatment for hundreds of years, its demand has increased in the prevailing pandemic COVID-19 condition. The major problem patients of coronavirus face are hypoxemia.

Medical oxygen is given to fulfill the oxygen demand in ill newborn babies and COVID-19 patients. This pressurized oxygen diffuses more oxygen into their lungs than normal pace to make hypoxemia patients breathe normally. In short, medical oxygen cylinders are used for the treatment of diseases.

Why is medical oxygen important for patients?

Medical Oxygen has gained immense importance in treating COVID-19 pneumonia caused by SARS CoV-2. When a patient suffers from a severe coronavirus attack, he fails to breathe normally due to hypoxemia. Hypoxemia is a condition in which a patient’s blood lacks oxygen. This lowered level of oxygen, if not addressed, can cause death.

Researchers and healthcare experts have used various antiviral drugs to treat this low oxygen condition, all in vain. If you want to enjoy fast recovery with lungs healing, you should use a medical oxygen concentrator. Using concentrated medical oxygen can be life-saving for your loved ones.

How is medical oxygen produced?

The following three ways produce medical Oxygen:

From Cryogenic Plants

It is an industrial technique in which air is frozen to separate nitrogen gas from oxygen. During this, liquid oxygen is produced stored in giant tankers of medical oxygen equipment. This oxygen can be easily transported to hospitals on demand.

PSA Plants

Plants installed on the advanced technology of selective absorption are also effective in separating oxygen gas from other gases. This gas can be filled in cylinders or directly piped into the patient’s bed.

Medical Oxygen Concentrators

Another portable machine used to convert ambient environmental air into concentrated oxygen is the medical oxygen concentrator. No doubt it’s expensive to use a concentrator, but the amount of medical oxygen produced by it makes it cost-friendly.

Airoxy is a professional medical oxygen equipment supplier in China. It facilitates patients, healthcare centers, and sole clinics with high purity medical oxygen to treat patients. Get an oxygen concentrator of your own choice from Airoxy and improve the patients’ breathing stability.

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