Oxygen Generation System

AIROXY Industrial oxygen generators are popular used in petrochemical industry, the electronics industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, medical cosmetology industry, animal husbandry, etc.

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Product Application

Oxygen Generation System
Oxygen Generation System

Oxygen Generation System Working Principle

According to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, zeolite molecular sieve is used as the adsorbent. Due to the selective adsorption characteristics of zeolite molecular sieve, nitrogen is adsorbed by zeolite molecular sieve in a large amount, oxygen is enriched in the gas phase, and nitrogen and oxygen separation is realized under the action of pressure swing adsorption. Two adsorption tower processes are adopted, one tower absorbs oxygen and one tower desorbs and regenerates. The opening and closing of the pneumatic angle seat valve is controlled through the PLC intelligent program, so that the two towers cycle alternately and continuously produce high-quality oxygen.

Oxygen Generation System

Oxygen Generation System Features

Imported pneumatic angle seat valve with a life span of more than 2 million times.
Imported PLC intelligent program controller, easy to operate, stable operation.
Reasonable internal components, uniform airflow distribution, reduce the impact of high-speed airflow.
The unique protection measures of molecular sieve extend the service life of zeolite molecular sieve.
Automatic interlocking oxygen emptying device to ensure product oxygen quality.

Oxygen Generation System Parameters

Power supply 220V±50Hz
Power ≤500W
Capacity 25Nm3/h
Purity 93%
Usage Oxygen
Output pressure 15MPa(after booster)
Dew point ≤-40℃
Input pressure ≥0.8MPa

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How can I get oxygen generator price?

Please send us below information:

  1. O2 flow rate: Nm3/hr
  2. O2 purity: %
  3. O2 discharge pressure: Bar
  4. Voltages and Frequency: V/PH/HZ

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