Oxygen Booster Pump

Working principle

A fully oil-free oxygen booster is a reciprocating plug, this product does not need to be added lubricating oil, no pollution of pressurized oxygen, full sealing structure, no leakage operation. All bearing added imported special grease to ensure the product durable.

Oxygen compressor consists of main engine, motor, instrument and electrical control elements.

When the supercharger is working, the motor drives the crankshaft to produce rotating motion through the triangle belt drive, and the piston produces reciprocating motion through the connecting rod, which causes the cylinder volume to change, resulting in the increase of oxygen pressure in the cylinder. Oxygen is injected into the buffer tank through the exhaust valve, one-way valve and pipeline for use.

Technical data

Exhaust pressure (bar): 60-200

Flow rate (m³/h): 5-60

Inlet pressure (bar): 0-6

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Oxygen Booster Pump are widely used in Medical, Industrial, Chemical, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Laser, National defense, Scientific research, Metallurgy, Mining and other area.

Oxygen concentrator compressor


1.High pressure Oxygen Booster Pump adopts a completely oil-free design.

2.Simple structure, convenient to install, easy to operate.

3.Excellent sealing performance which can keep the oxygen concentration unchanged to the greatest extent from (PSA) oxygen generator after compressed .

4.Data remote display screen and remote control device can be configured according to customer requirements.

5.Intelligent fault alarm, convenient for maintenance.

6.Free installation and debugging guidance.

7.Models can be customized according to customer’s requirements (OEM service).

Technical Parameters

High pressure Oxygen Booster Pump discharge pressure is 10-20 Mpa (100-200 bar), flow rate capacity is 20-100 Nm³/h. It mainly used for high pressure oxygen cylinder filling process.

No. Items Parameters
1 Medium Oxygen
2 Model WWZ-60/4-200
3 Type Reciprocating piston W-type
4 Compression stage Three-stage
5 Capacity flow rate 60 Nm³/h
6 Inlet pressure 0.4MPa(G)
7 Discharge pressure 20MPa(G)
8 Inlet temperature ≤35℃
9 Discharge temperature ≤45℃
10 Rotation speed 680r/min
11 Cooling method Water-cooling
12 Water consumption 2.0 t/h
13 Water pressure MPa 0.4MPa
14 Lubrication Oil-free
15 Electric motor power 18.5KW(380V50HZ) (can be customized)
16 Transmission type Belt
17 Intake connection (mm) DN25 welding slipknot
18 Exhaust connection (mm) Φ16
19 Installation type Skid-mounted
20 Control type Automatic control by pressure controller
21 Overall dimension (LxWxH) mm 1600X1100X1100
22 Weight 580 KG

Product Accessories

Air compressor for oxygen plant


oxygen booster pump

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