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AIROXY is committed to manufacturing and supplying a series of fully automatic PSA oxygen generators. Oxygen purity from 70%-99.999%.

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Product Application

Working Principle

PSA oxygen generator Is an automatic equipment which separate oxygen from air. Accordingto the performance of molecular sieve, Its adsorption when pressure risen and desorption whenpressure loose. Molecular sieve’s surface and inner suface and interior are filled with micropores. Nitrogen molecule has a faster diffusion rate of molecular sieve and oxygen molecules has a slower diffusion rate. Oxygen molecules are enriched In the end from the absorption tower.

Oxygen generator is constructed according to the principle of operation PSA (pressure swing adsorption) and it compressed by two absorption towers filled up with molecular sieve. The two absorption towers are crossed by compressed air (previously purified oil, water,dust, etc). While one of the absorption tower produce oxygen, the other one release nitrogen gas to atmosphere. The process comes In cycle way. The generator is controlled by a PLC.

O2 Generator Features

1.Full Automation
All systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic oxygen demand adjustment.

2. Lower Space Requirement
The design and Instrument makes the plant size very compact,assembly on skids ,prefabricated from factory.

3. Fast Start-up
Start-up time is only 5 minutes to get desired oxygen purity.So these units can be switched ON&OFF as per oxygen demand changes.

4. High Reliabiity
Very reliable for continuous and steady operation with constant oxygen purity.

5. Molecular Sieves life
Expected Molecular sieves life is around 15-years.

6. Adjustable
By altering flow,you can deliver oxygen with precisely purity.

O2 Generator Product Parameters

Oxygen Capacity 3-200Nm3/h
Oxygen Purity 90%-93%
Output Pressure 0.1-0.3Mpa(1-3bar)adjustable/15Mpa Filling pressure offered

Our Workshop

Service Guarantee

1. Reply in 24 hours.
2. Customized oxygen machine type, colour and size.
3. Every oxygen making machine will be tested before the delivery.
4. 30 days fast delivery and excellent after-sales service.
5. High quality, reliable price.

How can I get O2 generator price?

Please send us below information:

  1. O2 flow rate: Nm3/hr
  2. O2 purity: %
  3. O2 discharge pressure: Bar
  4. Voltages and Frequency: V/PH/HZ

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