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  1. PSA Nitrogen generator is used as the principle of pressure swing adsorption, The nitrogen is obtained from compressed air directly by using high quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent.
  2. Purity and flow rate can be adjusted in a certain range.
  3. Resonable inner structure, keep the balance airflow, alleviate the air high speed impact.
  4. Unique molecular sieve protective measure, extend the working life of the carbon molecular sieve.
  5. Easy installation and easy operation.
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Nitrogen generator is widely used in SMT area, semiconductor silicon industry, chemical industry and new material industry, metallurgy, metal processing industry, food and medicine industry, tire nitrogen rubber, rubber vulcanization and many other fields.
The on-site gas making (nitrogen making machine) has gradually replaced the traditional nitrogen supply methods such as liquid nitrogen evaporation and bottled nitrogen with its advantages of low investment, low cost and convenient use.

Nitrogen generator

Working Principle

The nitrogen generators are constructed according to the principle of operation P.S.A. (Pressure Swing Adsorption) and are composed by a minimum of two adsorbers filled up with molecular sieve. The absorbers are crossed alternatively by the compressed air (previously purified in order to eliminate oil, humidity and powders) and produce nitrogen. While a container, crossed by the compressed air, produces gas, the other regenerates itself losing to pressure atmosphere the gases previously adsorbed. The process comes repeated in cyclical way. The generators are managed by a PLC.


Product Name PSA nitrogen generator for sale
Nitrogen Production 5~3000Nm3/h
Nitrogen Purity 95~99.9995%
Nitrogen Pressure 0~0.8Mpa (0.8~6.0MPa alternative)
Dew Point ≤-45 degree C ( Normal Pressure)

How does a nitrogen generator work?

Carbon molecular sieve’s O2 and N2 adsorption properties with the increasing of adsorption pressure makes O2, N2 adsorption capacity increased, and the adsorption rate of O2 is higher.
PSA nitrogen generators exactly utilize these features of nitrogen,oxygen and CMS. But this is not enough, many factors shall be considered and manipulated to the best – this is also why PSA nitrogen generators are welcome and so popular in the world because do everything the best.
PSA cycle is short – O2, N2 adsorption start from equilibrium/pressure equalization, but the O2, N2 diffusion/adsorption rate are so different that O2 adsorption capacity in a short time is much higher than the adsorption capacity of N2.
PSA Nitrogen generation technology is using carbon molecular sieve’s adsorption characteristics, and the principle of pressurized adsorption, adsorption decompression cycle – the compressed air alternately goes into two adsorption towers to achieve air separation, thereby producing a continuous flow of product nitrogen. However knowing these is not enough – had developed all these to the best in all PSA nitrogen generators.

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