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Working principle

A fully oil-free nitrogen booster is a reciprocating plug, this product does not need to be added lubricating oil, no pollution of pressurized nitrogen, full sealing structure, no leakage operation. All bearing added imported special grease to ensure the product durable.

Nitrogen booster consists of main engine, motor, instrument and electrical control elements.

When the compressor is working, the motor drives the crankshaft to produce rotating motion through the triangle belt drive, and the piston produces reciprocating motion through the connecting rod, which causes the cylinder volume to change, resulting in the increase of oxygen pressure in the cylinder. Nitrogen is injected into the buffer tank through the exhaust valve, one-way valve and pipeline for use.

Technical data

Exhaust pressure (bar): 60-200

Flow rate (m³/h): 5-60

Inlet pressure (bar): 0-6

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Nitrogen compressor are suitable for pressurization, stabilization, power and purging in process flow, and also can provide stable gas source for power plant, food industry, pharmaceutical and experimental research units.

nitrogen generator system

Product Range

Model Volumetric flow rate
Intake pressure
Exhaust pressure
Motor power
Interface size
VWZD-20/6-25 20 0.6 2.5 4.0 800×600×1000 1/2
VWZD-30/6-25 30 0.6 2.5 5.5 800×600×1000 1
VWZD-40/6-25 40 0.6 2.5 7.5 800×600×1000 1
WWZD-80/6-25 80 0.6 2.5 11 1200×650×1180 1
WWZD-120/6-25 120 0.6 2.5 15 1350×800×1180 1
VWZD-40/6-30 40 0.6 3.0 7.5 800×600×1000 1
VWZD-60/6-30 60 0.6 3.0 11 1200×650×1180 1
WWZD-100/6-30 100 0.6 3.0 15 1350×800×1180 1
VWZD-40/6-40 40 0.6 4.0 7.5 800×600×1000 1

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Nitrogen Compressor Factory

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