Industrial Oxygen Generator

Medical grade PSA oxygen generator adopts molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption technology to ensure the quality of oxygen and prolong the service life of molecular sieve.

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Product Application

Medical grade PSA oxygen generators adopted Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system and is widely used in hospitals, plateau hotel, plateau airport and plateau construction projects, convenient equipment installation and operation, space saving. It can be installed on lawn, roofs and applicable sites to reduce duration and cost. With the advantages of less investment, quick results, convenient use, safety.

Working Principle

1. Medical grade PSA oxygen generators can be used for field operations and rescue, and the oxygen production can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. The machine room can be moved according to the on-site situation to meet various harsh medical conditions.

3. The oxygen pressure can be customized for high-pressure or low-pressure equipment according to requirements, and power generation equipment can be used to turn on the oxygen production system without power supply.

4. Integral design, including complete compressed air processing system, filtration system, oxygen generator, data monitoring system, backup oxygen source, backup power supply and other systems.

5. Installed in the overall van-type mobile machine room, all equipment is tightly fixed with the pressure-resistant and load-bearing bottom plate to prevent vibration and displacement.

6. There are monitoring instruments or equipment for oxygen purity, pressure and flow to facilitate understanding of the working status of the system.

7. Equipped with a backup oxygen source to prevent the interruption of oxygen supply during equipment failure or maintenance.

Product Parameters

Oxygen output: 3-65Nm3/h (can be customized according to actual oxygen content)
Oxygen purity: 93%±3% (in line with standard requirements)
Oxygen pressure: 0.3-1.0Mpa (adjustable)
Unit energy consumption: 93% purity, 0.35-0.38KW.h*/Nm3
Noise: ≤80DB
Power supply system/power: calculated according to actual equipment
Dimensions/weight: standard container type (high cabinet)
Installation method: mobile type

PSA oxygen generators model type

Mould No. Flow rate(Nm3/h) Scope of Application(beds) Power(kw)
HHC-3Y 3 100 7.5
HHC-5Y 5 150 11
HHC-10Y 10 300 15
HHC-15Y 15 450 22
HHC-20Y 20 600 30
HHC-25Y 25 750 37
HHC-30Y 30 900 45
HHC-35Y 35 1100 45
HHC-40Y 40 1200 55
HHC-45Y 45 1350 55
HHC-50Y 50 1500 75
HHC-55Y 55 1650 75
HHC-60Y 60 1800 75
HHC-65Y 65 1900 90


1. The data listed in this table take 0.6MPa(raw compressed air), ambient temperature 20 ℃, 0 m altitude and 80% humidity as the design benchmark;

2. Installation environment and site are indoor explosion-proof zone, with ambient temperature of ≤ 45 ℃ and good ventilation conditions;

3. System installation power condition: 220 / 380V,50HZ, with oxygen pressure above 0.5MPa, user pressure;

4. The installed power in the table is based on installed compressor, other power available.

5. The system operating noise can be maintained at 80 db.

6. The number of applicable beds is for reference only. All data are subject to change according to the actual data provided.

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Industrial Oxygen Generator
Industrial Oxygen Generator

Service Guarantee

Professional project services, including technical drawing design, model selection, Installation and maintenance demonstration, to meet your needs.

You’ll deal directly with the person responsible for the delivery of your equipment. This eliminates misunderstandings and ensures that you are never promised something that can’t be done.

If you have any questions, please contact our staff for professional answers.

How can I get industrial oxygen generator price?

Please send us below information:

1. O2 flow rate: Nm3/hr
2. O2 purity: %
3. O2 discharge pressure: Bar
4. Voltages and Frequency: V/PH/HZ

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