How To Use Oxygen Compressor?

It is best to use soft water for cooling water to avoid the chemical reaction of calcium and magnesium plasma in the water due to high temperature and form scale in the cooler, Affect the heat transfer effect of cooler. If cooling water tower circulation system is used, softener should be added regularly to maintain water quality cleanliness. Cooling The water quality requirements are as follows:

(a) suspended matter ≤ 100mg/L,

(b) PH: Between 6.5-9,

(c) Silver Carbonate Hardness ≤ 140. (When the drainage temperature is 45℃)

Water pressure of cooling water shall generally be maintained between 0.15-0.3 MPa, not greater than 0.4 Mpa, not less than 0.1 Mpa.


Check whether bolts and nuts are loose before trial operation.


Open the globe valve on the exhaust port, connect the gas source and cooling water, make the inlet pressure and inlet pressure reach the controller state, connect the power supply, start the compressor instantly, check whether the steering is the same as the arrow, run smoothly.


When the gas pressure in the exhaust buffer tank rises to the exhaust stop pressure, the pressure switch acts, cuts off the magnetic starter control circuit, and the motor stops; the gas pressure in the buffer tank does not increase.


When the inlet gas pressure drops to the intake stop pressure, the intake pressure controller acts, cuts off the control circuit, stops the motor, and checks whether the pressure indication position is lower than the intake stop pressure value.


When the work is finished or the power supply line is cut off, the compressor power supply should be cut off, and the cooling water should be cut off, and the water cooling heat exchanger and the cooling water in the cylinder block should be emptied.

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