How To Pick The High-Pressure Nitrogen Compressor?

Nitrogen gas possesses optimum chemical and physical properties that make it highly favorable for various industrial purposes. It has a great application in various industrial operations, including purging, flushing, and blanketing. This is why a high-pressure nitrogen compressor is necessary for industries. As nitrogen is used to power the pneumatic surgical equipment used in many industrial processes, nitrogen is essential for running the whole factory.

Some applications that require high-pressure nitrogen include gas assist, laser cutting, storing large volumes of nitrogen, and plastic injection molding. The nitrogen booster pump helps provide the optimum high pressure necessary for working various industrial equipment. Let’s discuss some basic facts about the high-pressure nitrogen compressor and the information you might need to know.

What is a high-pressure nitrogen compressor?

A nitrogen gas compressor system derives concentrated nitrogen gas from a mixture of gases. The resulting nitrogen also has a high-pressure requirement for the equipment. A nitrogen generator doesn’t produce nitrogen gas but separates it from the other gases present in the air. As the air consists of the highest percentage of nitrogen, when it is passed through a nitrogen generator, it separates the remaining additional gases. In this way, oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide are removed from the air, leaving us with pure nitrogen.

The nitrogen gas is pushed into the generator through the compressor system, and it is purified through a membrane, filter, or a PSA system and filters. This makes the compressor-based nitrogen generator ideal for labs and industries. A high-pressure nitrogen compressor works continuously through adsorption and desorption to provide the required nitrogen at all times.

What is high-pressure nitrogen used for?

High-pressure nitrogen gas is used for various industries, making a high-pressure nitrogen compressor a basic necessity. Therefore, a gas booster pump is almost a part of every industry or lab. Some of the industries that utilize high-pressure nitrogen gas and for what purpose are discussed below;

  • Electronics

 In the electronic industry, high-pressure nitrogen is used in the soldering process. It reduces surface tension, resulting in a clearer breakaway from the respective site.

  • Food Packaging

As oxygen can prove harmful for packed food, it is displaced by nitrogen for food protection. It can help last food longer than usual and prevent breakage during the transport.

  • Stainless Steel Manufacturing

Stainless steel is electroplated with nitrogen gas to get a more sturdy and durable product.

  • Producing Light Bulb

As nitrogen gas is cheaper than argon, it is used in incandescent bulbs.

Some other applications of nitrogen gas include pollution control, tire inflation, pharmaceuticals, mining, etc.


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