How Much Do You Know About The Psa Oxygen Generator?

The oxygen produced by PSA oxygen generator facilities is of medical-grade quality. When it comes to providing medical-grade oxygen, a PSA Oxygen Plant must meet several fundamental technological requirements. The PSA method, which creates oxygen-enriched air containing 93 percent or more oxygen, is a static separation of air gases utilizing a molecular sieve meant to adsorb Nitrogen under pressure. Using oxygen generators, it is possible to offer industrial processes in real-time or to store the gas in pressure tanks, depending on the application. Oxygen generators are utilized in various industrial contexts, including gold mines, aquaculture, and life support systems.

How does it work?

A synthetic Zeolite Molecular Sieve may be used to catch Nitrogen in the Pressure Swing Adsorption process. You may then utilize the captured Nitrogen to produce enriched oxygen gas by converting the captured Nitrogen to oxygen. The generation of oxygen gas happens due to the concentration of Nitrogen in the pore system of Zeolite. Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral. Because of its high adsorption capacity, we utilize a Molecular zeolite sieve as an adsorbent in our oxygen-producing facilities.

This is the first time that a molecular sieve is capable of selectively adsorbing Nitrogen from compressed air. Any remaining Oxygen may discharge from the adsorbed as a product gas into the environment due to this operation. When the first adsorbent has saturated with Nitrogen, the input airflow is transmitted to the second adsorbent, and so on until the process is completed. Nitrogen is desorbed by depressurization to replenish the first adsorbent, and a part of the product is filtered to remove some of the oxygen from the final product. So the cycle is repeated numerous times, with the pressure fluctuating between greater and lower levels each time.

PSA oxygen generator specification for sale in AIROXY

To meet large-scale oxygen concentration requirements, the PSA oxygen generator facility will have an output capacity ranging from 2 Nm3/hr to 200 Nm3/hr, depending on the expected oxygen demand. Oxygen is a critical drug at all healthcare system levels; you should only deliver medical-grade oxygen to patients under your supervision. The oxygen produced by PSA (pressure swing adsorption) facilities is of medical-grade quality. When it comes to providing medical-grade oxygen, a PSA Oxygen Plant must meet several fundamental technological requirements. When the Zeolite material is subjected to air pressure during the regeneration process, it exhibits a unique property that allows the Nitrogen that has accumulated on its surface to be released. With the help of a set of valves, pressurized air is transported from one tank to another in a certain sequence to use this particular feature.

How to choose the oxygen generator?

Make certain that the capacity of your PSA Oxygen Generator surpasses your requirements at all times. It is necessary to acquire an oxygen concentrator with a capacity of 5 LPM, an 8 LPM concentrator, and so on to fulfill a 3.5 LPM oxygen requirement. In addition, an oxygen administration device is necessary.

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