How much do you know about the PSA nitrogen generator?

What is the nitrogen generator system?

Using a PSA nitrogen generator, you may use compressed air to extract nitrogen molecules from them. Up to 99.85 percent purity and 220 L/min flow rates are possible with these nitrogen (N2) gas generators and nitrogen compressors. Cryogenic fractional distillation of liquid air, gaseous air separation by adsorption, or membrane permeation is used to manufacture industrial nitrogen gas.

How does a nitrogen generator work?

PSA nitrogen generators operate on the premise that nitrogen gas has a significant affinity for adsorbent media such as zeolite or granular activated carbon when subjected to high pressures (GAC). The amount of pressure applied to a mixture also affects how quickly particular gases are absorbed. By separating nitrogen molecules from oxygen molecules in compressed air, a nitrogen generator functions. Other advantages of producing nitrogen in-house include regulating how much nitrogen is produced, how much pressure is applied to it, and how pure the gas is.

Which industries does the nitrogen generator system use?

Every industry utilizes nitrogen gas, from food packing to mining; each needs a steady nitrogen gas supply to function. From food and beverage processing to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metal fabrication, electronics & semiconductors to aerospace & automobiles and ceramics & glass to plastics and rubber, nitrogen supply & usage has grown throughout a broad spectrum of industrial and processing sectors.

How to choose the right nitrogen generator plant?

The fact that nitrogen generators are available in a broad variety of sizes and types is one of the numerous advantages they provide. That means you do not have to settle for a system that does not meet your demands now or in the future because of what’s available on the market. There are a few more factors to consider besides the price of nitrogen when making your choice of a nitrogen generator for your company:

Level of Nitrogen Usage

Weighing the pros and cons of purchasing an oversize nitrogen generator vs. a smaller one is an important decision to make. This might cause issues and slowdowns in your manufacturing line if your nitrogen generating system’s capacity is considerably exceeded. To make the best-educated selection, you need to know how much nitrogen your everyday activities demand.

Purity Requirements

Purity requirements vary depending on the application. For example, having a finished product that includes as little to no oxygen as possible in the food packaging industry is crucial. You may generate nitrogen on-site using membranes and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. Membrane nitrogen generators are often utilized in applications requiring purity levels lower than 99.5 percent. On the other hand, PSA nitrogen generators are more typically utilized in applications requiring purity levels over 99.5 percent.

Space Allocation

You must install a nitrogen generator in a suitable location in your business before it can be operational. Determine how much room you need by figuring out the size of the system you need. Since our technical specialists can examine your site and assist you in determining which system would best fulfill your requirements while also working within your constraints, you do not have to worry about this.

PSA Nitrogen Generator Cost

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