How Much Do You Know About The Hospital Oxygen Cylinder?

The use of oxygen cylinders in hospitals for patients suffering from chronic lung disorders and COVID-19 is very common. Due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19, the demand for a hospital oxygen cylinder has increased.

Hospitals and healthcare centers need these cylinders, but people also arrange portable oxygen cylinders in homes for emergencies. If you are interested in arranging an oxygen cylinder, read this blog carefully.

In this post, we will discuss the medical oxygen cylinder and its difference from the industrial oxygen cylinder.

Hospital Oxygen Cylinder
Green and silver medical oxygen tank isolated on yellow background

What is the hospital oxygen cylinder?

Medical oxygen cylinder is a container that provides pure pressurized oxygen to patients in hospitals and ambulances. When a person inhales normal atmospheric air, it breathes in the air containing 21% oxygen. However, a medical-grade oxygen tank contains 60% oxygen along with 40% nitrogen in it.

The amazing thing is that you can easily adjust the dosage of oxygen to a patient high or low through a cylinder. The oxygen provided by the cylinder is compact, concentrated with the operative capability of 28 liters per minute. If you have a patient with chronic disease, keep a medical oxygen cylinder.

Is Industrial Oxygen and Medical Oxygen the Same?

Yes, there is a difference between industrial oxygen and medical oxygen. Medical oxygen tanks for sale have a high-level purity of oxygen. The higher oxygen purity, the more effective it is for treating breathing disorders. Moreover, there is no contamination and impurities present in the oxygen cylinder.

On the other hand, industrial oxygen cylinders are not pure enough to be inhaled in the human body. Industrial oxygen is used for different chemical reactions like oxidation, combustion, and cutting. Avoid using industrial oxygen for human use because it usually contains contaminants.

Let’s glance at some key differences between medical and industrial oxygen.

Medical oxygen is used to maintain healthy blood oxygen levels in the human body, while industrial oxygen supports industrial functions.

Both oxygens are different in their method of regulation, composition, concentration, and other purposes.

What is the capacity of a medical oxygen cylinder in AIROXY?

Airoxy contains medical oxygen cylinders of different sizes and capacities. Which oxygen cylinder you should pick depends upon the place for which you will buy it. Hospital medical oxygen cylinder sizes and capacities are usually large.

The medical oxygen cylinder price for large capacity will be higher than that of small oxygen cylinders. The average capacity of an Airoxy oxygen gas cylinder is 50 ml with 250 Bar testing pressure. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and pick a high-quality oxygen cylinder for an emergency.

The hospital cylinders are the biggest source of oxygen deficiency of patients facing difficulty breathing. If you are looking for a reliable, durable, high-purity level oxygen cylinder, the Airoxy medical oxygen cylinder is perfect for you. The cost of a medical oxygen cylinder of Airoxy is also affordable. Manage a quick source of convenience for your loved ones suffering from breathing issues with oxygen cylinders.

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