How Much Do You Know About The Air Compressor Equipment

Almost every field of life uses compressed air to perform a particular activity with pressurized air. By converting atmospheric air into compressed air, air compressors become a manageable device that continuously provides a power source. If you find a device with pressurized air, you should get air compressor equipment. Such equipment helps in saving both time and money. Investing in the compressor is beneficial for the long term. In this blog post, we will discuss key components of air compressor equipment.

What is Compressor Equipment?

An Air compressor is a device that boosts the pressure by compressing air. This reduced volume high pressure compressed air is formed in a compressor. However, the compression of air results in a temperature rise. Since its discovery in 1857, air compressors have been used in several industries. Feel free to integrate a high-quality air compressor into different devices.

 Air Compressor Equipment

What are the main components of an air compressor?

The main components of an air compressor are a pump, receiver, and electric motor. These air compressor parts work in coordination to operate the compressor. Its receivers are present in different sizes, either horizontally or vertically.

However, the electric motor powers the compressor to drive a two-belt pulley. The motor then transfers power to the pump through the crankshaft and flywheel, which cools the compressor pump. Let’s glance at the function of these components of the best air compressor.

1- Compressor Pump

A compressor pump is used to compress the air. This compressed air is discharged into the receiver. If you have a two-stage compressor, it comes with two pump cylinders. The air is compressed twice, first in a large cylinder of low pressure and then in a small high-pressure cylinder to produce compressed pressurized air.

2- Piston

The piston is an essential component of air compressor equipment that allows air entry into the cylinder. When the piston moves downward, air rushes into the cylinder via valves and filters. The average air compressed by a piston is 50 psi. This compressed air is then discharged through intercooler tubes in a small cylinder.

3- Receiver

The compressed air gets cooled in the intercooler tubes with the help of a flywheel fan. The compressed air is discharged to the receiver when the piston goes up. Moreover, the compressed air pressure is also monitored at the check valve of the receiver.

What machines use air compressors?

Almost every machine working for industrial, electrical, agricultural, and other purposes has a small air compressor. The following are the machines that use air compressor equipment.

  • Engine
  • Power drills
  • Electric Hammers
  • Compactors
  • Tractors
  • Crop conveyor
  • Air conditioners
  • Painting sprays
  • Oil drilling machine
  • Pressure cleaners

About Airoxy

Airoxy is a high-standard air compressor equipment company. No matter for which purpose you are looking for an air compressor, you can get all of them from Airoxy. It is a certified company of China for producing compressors, engines, and cylinders on PSA technology. Feel free to integrate, install, or replace an air compressor into this device.

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