How Much Do You Know About High Purity Oxygen generators?

Oxygen is a gas frequently used for various industrial and laboratory purposes. The high demand for oxygen for different industrial processes is the basic necessity of every manufacturer and lab. From aquaculture to cutting steel, high purity oxygen generators are required to initiate and complete the process. Different types of oxygen have other applications, and this type of oxygen is necessary for various applications and is the primary demand of medical laboratories. In the medical field, a certain amount of oxygen is a requirement daily.

Even though medical oxygen differs significantly from industrial oxygen and its use is not interchangeable, that doesn’t decrease their demand in any field. An industrial-grade oxygen purity has different purity requirements than that of medical oxygen, and it is to keep in mind to choose the relevant oxygen purity for efficiency. Now, let’s dig into a small guide about high purity oxygen so that you will know the essential facts about it.

High Purity Oxygen generators

What Does High Purity Oxygen Mean?

Oxygen purity is the measurement of the amount of oxygen present in the gas. The higher the percentage of oxygen in a gas, the more will be its purity. As oxygen is used in various industrial and medical processes, the purity requirements are different in all cases. The most common oxygen purity grades lie between 85% to 99%.

High purity oxygen is in high demand due to its wide range of applications because various processes produce different oxygen purities. As we know that the oxygen purity of air is around 21%, we must understand that this purity can be increased and decreased according to the requirements. Therefore, oxygen with high purity is a significant demand in industries and laboratories.

What are the Requirements for Industrial Oxygen and Medical Oxygen?

As mentioned earlier, purity requirements for industrial and medical grade oxygen differ. According to the international pharmacopeia, the purity of medical oxygen can not be any lesser than 93 +- 3 %. Medical oxygen purity requirements are different. That is why a different process is used to produce high-grade oxygen. While in the case of industrial-grade oxygen, the purity of oxygen must be 95 to 99.5%.

Through different processes, different purities of oxygen are obtained for various applications. For example, in the case of the swing adsorption process (PSA), you can only get oxygen of a maximum of 95%. This percentage is ideal for various industrial applications. But for different medical applications, the purity rate of oxygen must be 99%. Such medical processes that require this purity percentage of oxygen are cylinder filling, fuel cells technology with recirculation loop, and oxyfuel cutting in metal fabrications.

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