How Much Do You Know About An Oxygen Generator System?

By looking at the upcoming shortage of non-renewable resources, people have started using natural excessive sources. For such purposes, scientists use oxygen from the air in different research and industrial units rather than focusing on artificial oxygen synthesis. That’s why the use of an oxygen generator system is becoming common nowadays.

In this blog post, we will discuss the effectiveness and industrial operation of an oxygen generator.

What is an oxygen generator?

An oxygen generator machine is a device used to separate oxygen from the air. Then separated oxygen is fed into different tanks for industrial purposes. Dozens of industries from gold mining to agriculture are using these oxygen generating machines. Such generators can be as small as a soda can and as large as a room.

If you are going to install an industry in which you need a large amount of oxygen, we will suggest that you install an oxygen generator plant as well. Doing so will be cost-effective for you. First, you will have to pay a huge amount for the installation of generator machinery but it will pay back in the long-term.  A common application of such a generator is industrial units and hospitals.

How does an oxygen generator system work for industrial use?

In industries, an oxygen generator machine works per PSA technology that uses the adsorbent zeolite for the separation of different gases. This separation of oxygen usually takes place in two steps as discussed below:

  • Adsorption

The adsorption stage of the oxygen generation unit uses an adsorption tower having zeolite pellets. Zeolite pellets are selective for nitrogen absorption. This tank will separate nitrogen and allow oxygen to accumulate in a collecting tank.

  • Desorption

After adsorption, PSA technology reverses the adsorption process. When the adsorption tower reaches its peak, its function gets altered. Then, it starts regeneration of zeolite by depressurizing the pressurized cylinder. In this way, an oxygen generator releases absorbed nitrogen in the atmosphere.

In short, we can say that the whole oxygen generator plant works for the separation of oxygen per PSA following adsorption.

How effective are oxygen concentrators?

The effectiveness of oxygen-generating devices can also be estimated by their applications in different life activities. For instance, such generators can be used in home therapy for the supply of oxygen to patients and hospitals. In the shortage of oxygen cylinders and ventilators, a medical oxygen generator is the best alternative.

You can get an 87% oxygen flow rate per liter per minute with such a generator. If there is asthma, pneumonia, TB, or other lung patients in your home, keep a portable oxygen generator 24/7 with you to provide immediate medical assistance to your patients. Another effectiveness of this generator is less electricity consumption.

Is it safe to use an oxygen generator system?

Yes. It’s safe to use an oxygen generator if you keep the source of heat and flame away. Another thing that you should do to ensure the safe usage of generators is to have a backup tank. Moreover, you should keep your oxygen system away from air fresheners, sprays, and aerosols. Enjoy safe long-lasting use of industrial and medical oxygen generators.

Above all, oxygen generators are a great source of relief nowadays. If you look at the oxygen generator price, you might find it costly at first. But it will provide you with long-lasting benefits in both the medical and industrial fields. Use cost-effective oxygen generators by taking into account precautionary measures.

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