About The Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Plant, You Need To Know

Oxygen generators are an essential need of all types of industries. As oxygen is a significant component of different industrial processes, these generators help provide enough oxygen and store it. Oxygen generators are of various types, and a pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant is one of them.

A PSA oxygen plant is required in industries and used in hospitals to derive medical oxygen. So, the industrialists and hospital staff are aware of the importance of a pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentrator. It has various applications and is used everywhere where oxygen is being utilized. Below, we have listed some essential information that you might need to know about PSA oxygen plants.

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What is the PSA oxygen plant?

The pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant uses the technology to separate oxygen from a mixture of gases under pressure. This separation is done by considering the affinity for an absorbent material and the molecular characteristics of the gas of particular species, i.e., oxygen in the case of a PSA oxygen generator.

Pressure swing adsorption is the most common way of separating oxygen on an industrial scale. With the help of a pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant, you can obtain 90-95% oxygenated gas. This percentage can be effectively increased to 99% by repeating the process. A pressure swing adsorption oxygen concentrator is used in home health care to replace the oxygen bottles present in the hospitals.

What is the pressure swing adsorption process?

The pressure swing adsorption working principle is that gases tend to be entrapped onto solid surfaces under high pressure. Therefore, the greater the pressure, the more gas is adsorbed, and when the pressure is low, the gas is released.

It is passed through a vessel consisting of an adsorbent bed of zeolite at high pressure to separate oxygen from the air. Zeolite is a mineral that attracts or entraps nitrogen more efficiently than oxygen. Therefore, when the mixture of gases is passed through the vessel, most of the nitrogen is drawn towards the bed of the vessel, i.e., the zeolite. While the gas coming out of the vessel will be richer in oxygen.

The Advantages of PSA oxygen generator

A PSA oxygen generator has various applications in industries, hospitals, and even traditional buildings or homes. With a pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant, you will no longer have to worry about the oxygen supply. It can provide you with continuous and unlimited oxygen at all times.

Moreover, you can make your choice’s quantity and quality of oxygen. You will not have to contact any oxygen suppliers through the oxygen generator plant at your place or pay for any extra amounts. As we all know the importance of oxygen in various manufacturing processes and medical purposes, a PSA oxygen plant is a lifesaver. Also, the pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant cost is worth the long-term benefits that it has to offer.


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