About The Basics Of Oil Free Compressor Machine, You Need To Know

Air purity is crucial when you prepare certain products for different usages. Even a tiny drop of oil can spoil equipment or damage the desired results. As a result, oil-free compressors exist and assure pure air for a particular purpose. Are you confused about the oil free compressor machine, its difference from the oil-flooded screw compressor, its advantages, working process, and its supplier? If yes, do not quit reading because we’ll provide a complete guide on the basics of an oil-free compressor in this post. So, let us get started!

What is oil free air compressor machine?

An oil-free compressor is a machine used to clean hospitals, offices, chemical laboratories, or any place where high-level cleanliness is needed.

This lighter-weight unit has a specific code or certification required for purchase. It helps companies or industries about which type of compressor will best suit them.

Scroll compressor, water injected screw, and two stages dry screw are the main types of oil less compressor technologies.

What is the difference between oil-free and oil-flooded screw compressors? 

Whenever you purchase compressors, you must know about their main types. For example, you should understand the difference between oil-free and oil-flooded screw compressors to get specific advantages from them. The main points that make them different from each other are presented below.

  • The maintenance of oil free is easy compared to oil-flooded compressors.
  • Industries with low-level contamination issues prefer oil-flooded because of its longevity. On the other hand, oil-free is used for high-quality air.
  • Oil-free is not much expensive, but oil-flooded is very costly.
  • Oil-free consumes a little bit amount of energy. On the contrary, oil-lubricated uses extra power for accomplishing its work.
  • Oil flooded has no permanent liquid for running a machine, but oil-free has permanent lubricant for its work.

Is oil Free Air Compressor better?

Oil free air compressor machines play a vital role in hospitals to pharmaceutical companies. Some of the essential benefits of this machine are presented below.

  • It eliminates oil contamination in the chemical industry
  • An air-free compressor reduces the high cost of energy.
  • It is environment-friendly because it decreases harmful emissions.
  • Oil-less air compressors help to prevent spoiling of medicines for their manufacturing and packaging procedure.
  • It reduces the cost of collecting and disposing of oil-laden condensate.

How Do Oil-Free Air Compressors Work?

If you wish that your air compressor works for a long time, you need to know its working process. The reason is that when you take care of its every function, it gives its best. Look at five critical steps of working oil free compressor.

  1. Drawing in air
  2. Compressor Element
  3. Intercooler Access
  4. High-Pressure Consumption
  5. Air pressure and Pressure Switches


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