About Nitrogen Generator, You Need To Know

Just like oxygen generators, the demand for a nitrogen generator is also increasing day by day. Such nitrogen-containing generators are used for industrial purposes. For instance, in the synthesis of ammonia by the Haber process, a large amount of nitrogen is required. Generators or nitrogen tanks often feed this nitrogen. In this post, we will discuss the working principle and uses of nitrogen gas generating machines.

How does a Nitrogen Generator System Work?

Nitrogen gas generators work upon the principle of PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) to generate nitrogen gas streams continuously from the air. In such generators, nitrogen gas is separated from all other gases present in the air by using high pressure. The nitrogen gas generating machine has two towers in which a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) is filled.

When preheated compressed air gets into this tower, CMS absorbs oxygen and all other traces of gases. This adsorption allows nitrogen to pass through the tank. After some time, the nitrogen gas generator will switch itself to regenerative mode to vent particles and contaminants from the CMS. Due to the presence of narrow openings, small gas molecules like oxygen penetrate it. And thus, the large gas molecules like nitrogen get separated.

What is a Nitrogen Generator System Used for?

If you want to look at the practical life examples of generator nitrogen, there are various industrial units required for nitrogen gas. It is used in different activities like mining and food packaging to provide an uninterrupted nitrogen gas supply. Industries need the installation of a nitrogen generator if they are investing a major part in purchasing gases. Having a generator nitrogen device will make your difficult tasks hassle-free.

How long do Nitrogen Generators Last?

The time for which a generator’s durability relies on is the maintenance of its different parts. As long as you keep your nitrogen generating machine clean, contamination-free, and greased, it will work properly. According to the manufacturers, a generator can continuously generate nitrogen for 15 years if well-maintained. It depicts you need to be more cautious to use your generator for a long time.

About Airoxy

Airoxy is a well-known air equipment company, providing all types of compressors and generators. Its manufacturers and engineers design generators under PSA technology to make them more functional. Instead of having a nitrogen cylinder, you can generate nitrogen gas yourself from the compressed air in nitrogen generating machines. Another facility that manufacturers of Airoxy provide is the delivery of nitrogen gas generators at a budget-friendly rate.

By looking at the importance of nitrogen gas generating concentrators, we suggest you pick up the one for you. Feel free to visit our website if you want reliability, durability, high-quality functionality, and cost-effectiveness in a single generator. We offer an all-in-one solution for the generation of a particular gas. Bring advancements in your industrialization career by using a nitrogen generator!

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