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Due to advancements in every field of life, industrial installations have also increased. It’s impossible to use ambient air oxygen for research and other industrial units. There is a need for a highly pure industrial oxygen generator system that can purify and concentrate oxygen for different applications. As the atmospheric air contains high impurities and other gases, you need to remove all for using them in industries. The sourcing process of purified oxygen can be made budget-friendly by using an oxygen generator plant. In this blog post, we will discuss how the industrial oxygen generator system works in industrial activities.

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What is an Industrial Oxygen Generator System?

An industrial oxygen generator is a machine used to separate oxygen from all other gases present in the environment. This separation occurs under the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology due to its selective absorption process.

The PSA oxygen generator purifies the air from atmospheric air with 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The air is produced through an oxygen generator composed of only pure oxygen by retaining the nitrogen gas in the zeolite molecular sieve.

How does an Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Work?

An industrial oxygen generator system works through ZMS (zeolite molecular sieve) filled pressure vessels. These zeolite molecules play an important role in separating oxygen from the environmental air. One pressure vessel generates pure oxygen gas while the other reproduces the saturated molecules of zeolite.

The PSA oxygen generator manufacturers take place in two steps: adsorption and desorption. Firstly, the environmental air separates into different component gases after passing through channels. Then, the zeolite molecular sieve will trap the nitrogen molecules to generate high purity oxygen gas.

Another unique function of this generator is that it releases nitrogen after generating pure oxygen gas. It depicts that industrial oxygen generators maintain balance in the ecosystem by regenerating the used molecules and gases. Oxygen generators and compressors of Airoxy also work under the same principle.

Your Experienced Supplier – Airoxy

If you are looking for a reliable industrial oxygen generator supplier, you should check the products of  Airoxy. Airoxy is a great name in the market that designs high-quality gas cylinders, compressors, and generators. The storage tanks of generators and cylinders are made up of durable sturdy material and are also efficient in working.

Moreover, the industrial oxygen generator price is budget-friendly. The cost-effectiveness and smooth functionality of generators make these seamless generator systems perfect for your industrial plant.

Install this amazing generator from the Airoxy and get pure oxygen to complete different processes and chemical reactions. We have oxygen generators of all sizes and capacities. Pick up the one that can fulfill your industrial oxygen purity and pressure needs.

Above all, the oxygen generators are reliable, durable, and budget-friendly to be used in industries. Feel free to get an industrial oxygen generator system of your choice from Airoxy.

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