A Quick Guide About The Oxygen Purity Grades

What do oxygen purity grades mean?

The normal oxygen content in the air is about 21%, and when the oxygen concentration is between 19.5% and 23.5%, people can live normally. If it is less than 19.5%, people will become breathing faster, feel fatigued and weak, and people’s work efficiency will be reduced; once below 12%, judgment will be lost, breathing will become difficult, and symptoms of purple lips will appear; and below 10%, vomiting, inability to move, loss of consciousness and even death will occur. Generally speaking, when the oxygen content of the air is greater than 23.5%, it can be said that it is an “oxygen-rich environment”. However, when the oxygen concentration exceeds 70%, it is high-purity oxygen. The state has different standards of oxygen purity grades.

What is the purity required for industrial grade oxygen?

Industrial oxygen is mainly used for gas flame processing and other industrial purposes, and the implementation is national recommended standards. industrial grade oxygen purity generally requires purity of more than 99% to be qualified. The only indicators detected are oxygen content and moisture content. In the chemical industry, industrial oxygen is used to change the molecular structure of products and improve the production capacity of ethylene, acrylic, and chloride processes. In the refining and coal-to-gas industries, industrial oxygen is used for petroleum extraction and refining, increasing oil and gas well production and desulfurization. In the steelmaking industry, industrial oxygen is used to increase the yield and quality of steel.

What is the purity required for medical grade oxygen?

The medical oxygen purity requirements oxygen content ≥ 99.5%, the H20 content ≤0.07%, the CO content ≤0.01%, and the important indicator of medical oxygen to distinguish industrial oxygen is the water content of medical oxygen ≤0.07%. It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of respiratory diseases (such as asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease, etc.) and cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases (such as coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction) caused by lack of oxygen, and can also be used for health care oxygen inhalation or rapid relief of fatigue after intense mental work and physical labor.

How to check oxygen purity?

In addition to using an oxygen meter to detect oxygen concentration, oxygen concentration can also be determined by looking at the experimental effect of burning cotton swabs. When the oxygen concentration of the oxygen concentrator is 90%, the color of the wooden stick combustion is dazzling white, and the wooden stick burns very fast. When it is 80%, the color of the wooden stick combustion is dazzling white yellow, and the wooden stick burns faster. When it is 70%, the color of the wooden stick combustion is dazzling red, the wooden stick burns slowly, and the whole wooden stick is not assisted to burn out. And when it is 60%, the color of the wooden stick combustion is a dazzling dark red, the wooden stick burns very slowly, and the whole wooden stick is not assisted to burn out.

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