A Quick Guide About the Oxygen Generator Plant

People who need bulk oxygen to carry out different industrial activities should think about an oxygen generator plant rather than buying several oxygen cylinders. Having an oxygen generator plant will be more cost-efficient than oxygen cylinders for you. Whenever you buy an oxygen generator plant, make sure that it can generate the bulk of pure oxygen.

Installation of an oxygen generator will save your buying cost and transportation costs. Almost all oxygen generation plants work on the process of Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA). Such generators are effective for the production of budget-friendly gaseous oxygen with 95% purity. In this blog, we will discuss oxygen plants and their working for industrial purposes.

What is the oxygen generation system?

The oxygen generation plant is a device used to separate oxygen from all other gases present in the atmosphere. Due to a special pressure swing, adsorption technology is also known as a PSA oxygen generator.

Air used for oxygen compression has a similar composition to the environment, that is, 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. When the atmospheric air passes through a zeolite sieve, it retains nitrogen molecules to separate oxygen. This separation results in high purity oxygen. Install oxygen plants to keep your industrial and healthcare services running.

How does an Oxygen Generator Work For Industrial Use?

An oxygen generator plant works for industrial use the same way it works for small purposes. In industries, oxygen generators are used for removing solid impurities like dust and air from the gas by passing air through ZMS (zeolite molecular sieve). Oxygen generators remove unwanted gases and impurities to keep the air pure.

Once the impurities reach the maximum adsorption towers, it regenerates the adsorbent. The complete adsorption system of an oxygen generator plant comprises three towers that work under DCS or PLC control system. In this way, industrial oxygen generators continue to produce purified oxygen. However, these generators undergo adsorption at higher pressure and desorption at atmospheric pressure.

How much does an Oxygen Plant Cost?

Whenever you see an efficient oxygen plant for sale, check its cost along with the functionality of an oxygen generator plant. Make sure that your oxygen plant generates pure air 24/7 throughout the year. It’s a little bit costly to invest in consistently supplying oxygen. You can set up such an uninterrupted system of oxygen generation plants at the cost of 33 lac just in a fortnight. You know how hospitals use oxygen worth 5 lac every month. It depicts that investing in installing an oxygen generation plant is money-saving in the long term.

Using an oxygen generator plant has been proved to be very economical and durable. No doubt all types of oxygen generating plants are excellent, but we recommend installing plants providing inconsistent oxygen supply. If you want to have a budget-friendly oxygen plant, contact Airoxy. Airoxy is an efficient platform through which you can buy any type of oxygen generator plant. Feel free to contact us to get a complete oxygen plant installed!

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