A Quick Guide About The Nitrogen Air Compressor

No matter whether there is a need for nitrogen in agriculture, industry, or in any other field, you cannot take in nitrogen directly from the atmosphere. It’s because nitrogen is not the only content in the air. To fulfill the oxygen supply, a nitrogen air compressor is a perfect choice for you. Such devices work on the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) system for the filtration of other gases to deliver pure nitrogen. In this blog post, we will discuss the key concepts of a nitrogen compressor.

How does a Nitrogen Air Compressor Work?

The working principle of a nitrogen compressor is upon the separation of oxygen molecules from nitrogen by compressed air. Which technology you want to use for nitrogen purification depends upon the quality of gas you need. If you want to use nitrogen for fire suppression and tire inflation, you can fulfill your need with less pure nitrogen ( that is from 90 to 99 percent).

In low-level purity nitrogen, a membrane nitrogen generator is sufficient to fulfill your needs. However, you should use a PSA-based nitrogen generator for the achievement of 10 PPM (parts per million) or 99.99% purity. Such a high-pressure nitrogen compressor is required in the food industry and plastic molding for packaging. Save your cost by investing once in picking up a long-lasting paying-off nitrogen air compressor.

Why is Nitrogen Used in Compressors?

When we look at the use of nitrogen in compressors, a question arises about the need for nitrogen in compressors. There are two main reasons for using nitrogen in high-pressure nitrogen compressors on a broader range. You can widely use it for nitrogen purification to use in product tankers, gas carriers, and chemical carriers.

Similarly, you can have two different types of nitrogen compressors. One nitrogen generator for sale is that which works on the pressure swing adsorption process. While the other compressor is built on hollow membrane technology. In both compressors, atmospheric air is fed into the container from the inlet valve. And the air is vented in the container for the production of 90-99% or 99.999 percent pure nitrogen.

Which Industries are Nitrogen Air Compressors Used For?

As there are various industrial purposes for which you can use a nitrogen compressing machine, you should choose wisely. When you look at a nitrogen generator for sale, be clear about the purpose of picking it. The following are some major industries in which you can use nitrogen compressors:

  • General Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Fire prevention process
  • Marine systems
  • Oil and gas industry


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