A Quick Guide About The Medical Oxygen Cylinder

With the ever-increasing demand for oxygen in the pandemic period of COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare experts have regulated oxygen flow via different machines. Medical oxygen cylinder is one of these high-quality regulators that conserve oxygen to fulfill patient needs in an emergency. In this blog post, we will discuss the features of such oxygen cylinders with their capacities and sizes.

What is the Medical Oxygen Cylinder?

Medical oxygen cylinder is an enclosed container used to supply high-grade oxygen to medical centers, healthcare providers, and patients. Nowadays, people use different strategies to overcome the oxygen supply in their bloodstream. Some choose aviators’ breathing oxygen for immediate medical assistance, while others go with concentrators and cylinders.

There is no doubt that other devices and equipment also provide oxygen, but there is a difference between the two. The oxygen cylinder supplier in-line the container for removal of contaminants, tending to generate pure oxygen. While others do not. It means you should look for the quality of oxygen as well before delivering it to a suffering patient.

Features of Medical Oxygen Gas Cylinder

Every cylinder has different specifications. But the things that make an oxygen cylinder perfect for medical purposes are its high-grade purity and certification. The following are some features that you should look at in an oxygen cylinder before buying it from a medical oxygen tank supplier:

  • A good quality oxygen cylinder must be following the standards and certifications of ISO, TESO, TUV, and TPED standards.
  • The cylinder bottle is featured with the lining of 37 Mn steel.
  • High strength and durability are also essential in ensuring the excellence of a medical oxygen gas cylinder.
  • Having QF-2 series makes an oxygen cylinder detachable with steel printing.
  • The presence of the GB/8 standard makes the air outlet cylinder leak-proof and safe.
  • Choose the size of the cylinder according to your needs.

Medical Oxygen Cylinder Sizes and Capacities in AIROXY

Whenever you look to pick an oxygen cylinder for sale, never forget to visit AIROXY. We provides oxygen cylinders of different types in different sizes. Having a small oxygen cylinder demonstrates less storage capacity, while a large one can store more pressurized oxygen.

The standard size of an Airoxy oxygen cylinder for sale is 700mm in height. Such cylinders usually come with service pressure and test pressure of 150 bar and 250 bar, respectively. The storage capacity of such a cylinder is 20 liters. If you want to have a cylinder of large capacity, go for the one having a height greater than 700mm. Improve deliverance of oxygen to patients with Airoxy oxygen cylinders.

Above all, a oxygen gas cylinder is very efficient in the deliverance of top-quality oxygen to patients. The most important factor that hampers people from buying oxygen cylinders is the high price. But Airoxy oxygen cylinder price is very affordable. Besides the oxygen cylinder, you can also pick any gaseous cylinder from the Airoxy. Pick up a large capacity oxygen cylinder to treat asthma, TB, and pneumonia patients. Enjoy inhaling purified oxygen with these medical cylinders.


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