A Quick Guide About The Helium Compressor Equipment

Like other gases, helium is also a very beneficial gas present in our atmosphere. Every field requires helium for particular purposes, from transportation to the laser industry. In this modern era, helium is compressed with the help of helium compressor equipment. Its demand is constantly increasing because of its efficiency.

Are you willing to know more about helium gas, its usages, helium compressors, models, and potential suppliers? If yes, do not look further. Carry on reading to know your desired knowledge.

What is helium used in?

Helium is a gas that has wrapped various benignant advantages in itself. Some of the applications of helium are presented below to give you an idea about its importance.

  • In the medical industry, respiratory ailments such as asthma and emphysema are cured with helium gas. Furthermore, MRI scanners and NMR spectrometers utilize liquid helium as a cooling medium.
  • Most supermarkets use a mixture of helium and neon gas to detect bar codes at checkouts. Moreover, it uses laser technology too because of its non-reactive feature.
  • Helium gas is used for airships and decorative balloons.

What is helium compressor equipment?

Helium Compressor equipment plays a vital role in compressing helium gas. First of all, compressors deliver high-level pressure. Secondly, significant gas flows also come into existence with the assistance of helium compressors.

In addition, for ensuring the purity of helium gas, helium compressors are also needed for different applications such as vacuum systems for evaporation, sputtering, etc.

How does a helium recovery system work?

Do you use a helium recovery system for accomplishing various applications? If yes, you must know about the working process of the helium recovery system. Look at the particular handy process of Helium Compressor equipment that is given below.

In a standard helium pressure recovery system, vaporized helium is first utilized in this procedure. Then, it recaptures with the help of exhaust lines. Next, this gas runs through a filter in the recovery vessel to analyze purity.

In the end, if the level of helium purity is approximately 99.9 percent, helium liquefies and shift to the storage cylinder.

The features of Helium Compressor

For the gas recovery system, helium compressors are used. Some of the identical features of helium compressors offered by one of the best suppliers, Airoxy, are presented below.

  • It is 100% free of lubrication with the self-lubricating quality of the guide and piston ring.
  • Helium compression is not polluted and ensures gas purity.
  • All pipelines of helium compressors make up of stainless steel that is corrosion resistant too.
  • It provides long-time services to the manufacturers.

The models of helium compressor machines in AIROXY

Airoxy is the best supplier present in China. Whether you are exploring Helium Compressor for sale or reasonable Helium Compressor price, you must choose this supplier for buying these products.

The name of the top Helium Compressor equipment offered by Airoxy is presented below.

  1. VWZ -6/0-20
  2. VWZ -10/0-20
  3. WWZ -20/0-20
  4. WWZ -30/0-20
  5. SWZ – 45/0-20

If you want to get further details of every helium compressor, click here. You’ll find the complete specification of every helium model on this clicked page. After it, consult the Airoxy expert team and place an order.

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