A Quick Guide About Nitrogen Gas Purity Grade?

Nitrogen is a non-toxic gas belonging to group 15 in the periodic table. In addition, this inert non-metallic gas has seven atomic numbers, and its symbol is N. It is also present in our atmosphere in abundance. According to research, it approximately makes 80 percent of our air. It helps to sustain life with the combination of other gases. However, it cannot support life itself. To use Nitrogen, a person must know nitrogen gas purity grade. Are you unaware of high purity nitrogen grade or want to know about its authentic supplier near you? If yes, carry on reading because we will present your desired information in this piece of writing.

What is nitrogen gas purity grade? What are the different grades of Nitrogen?

Nitrogen gas purity grade decides how much pure Nitrogen is present along with a few other chemicals. Different industries need different Nitrogen grades according to the experiment they want to conduct. The main types of grades of Nitrogen are presented below.

  1. High Purity
  2. Zero
  3. Prepurified
  4. Oxygen-Free
  5. Extra Dry
  6. Industrial

Before buying any above grade for fulfilling your needs, you must understand nitrogen purity requirements according to your industry, either for pharmaceutical or food packaging.

What is high purity nitrogen?

The purity of Nitrogen matters a lot before considering it to use for a particular purpose. A grade in which the quantity of pure Nitrogen is approximately 99.998 percent is known as high purity nitrogen.

Research Purity and Ultra High Purity are the two primary highly purified nitrogen gas types. In them, hydrocarbons, oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, or carbon monoxide contribute less than 0.5% parts per million, greater than 0.5 parts per million, greater than three parts per million, greater than one part per million, respectively.

Nitrogen Gas Purity Grades for Different Industry Uses

Nitrogen is an odorless gas with several applications in different industries. The purity standard varies according to industrial needs. Look at some grades that require for different industries.

  1. In the pharmaceutical industry, highly purified nitrogen gas is used to prepare medications. It helps to keep impurities away from medicines.
  2. For coating different objects or substances, oxygen-free Nitrogen is utilized. The reason is that it makes this process less-combustible.
  3. Low purity nitrogen is best whether you want to heat treatment of furnaces or tire inflation.

Choose the high purity nitrogen generator from Airoxy

From Industrial Nitrogen Grade Purity to food-grade nitrogen purity, every grade has potential benefits for a specific industry.

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