A Quick Guide About Industrial Oxygen Generator

What is the Industrial Oxygen Generator?

In the industrial setting, industrial oxygen generators extract oxygen from the air so that the gas may be delivered directly into industrial operations or stored in pressure tanks. There are hundreds of industrial uses for oxygen generators, ranging from gold mining to aquaculture to life support. Large industrial oxygen generators may occupy an entire room, while the most compact ones are a little bigger than a soda can. To be sure, all oxygen generators are designed to accomplish the same task: to produce a safe supply of concentrated oxygen gas. Businesses that need large quantities of bulk oxygen gas often begin by obtaining gas tanks from other businesses that then fill the tanks using an industrial oxygen generator. The procurement of on-site oxygen generator equipment and the production of pure oxygen may be more cost-effective if the requirement for pure oxygen is substantial and recurring.

How does an Industrial Oxygen Generator work?

It is possible to separate compressed air into its component gases using pressure swing adsorption technology, which uses the adsorbent zeolite material’s capability. With the pressure swing adsorption process, the adsorption and desorption activities occur concurrently in two towers in the two-stage cycle when creating oxygen with high purity levels.


Nitrogen is held in an adsorptive tower that allows oxygen to pass through under high pressure to the collecting tank as product gas during the adsorption process of industrial oxygen generation. Until the adsorption tower achieves its maximum saturation point, this process will continue. Nitrogen gas will no longer be able to pass through the sieve at that point.


As the name implies, the second stage in the pressure swing adsorption oxygen production process is, in essence, an inversion of the adsorption process. As soon as a tower in the adsorptive phase reaches saturation, the tower’s function is changed, and the process repeats. The regeneration of the zeolite material is accomplished by quickly depressurizing the cylinder, allowing the absorbed nitrogen gas to escape into the surrounding environment. The whole Pressure Swing Adsorption process is fully automated. A central regulatory unit monitors oxygen and nitrogen gas saturation in the adsorption, desorption towers, and controls the entire operation. Process valves are opened or closed when changing phases, and pressure inside the zeolite-filled cylinders is raised or reduced, depending on the phase switch configuration.

How to choose the Industrial Oxygen Generator Plant?

Following are some most important steps for an industrial oxygen generator plant. With one key exception, the Pressure Swing Adsorption method for a Pressure Swing Adsorption industrial oxygen generator is identical to the procedure for a Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen generator. Its adsorptive material is constructed of zeolite rather than carbon, as is the case with a nitrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption device, and it is contained inside a molecular sieve. Compressed air that has been funneled through the oxygen generator system will be split into its constituent gases during a typical procedure. High purity oxygen gas will pass through the zeolite molecular sieve and onto a product gas outlet after selectively adsorbing nitrogen that comes into contact with the molecular sieve.

One distinguishing characteristic of zeolite that makes it particularly well suited for use as an oxygen generator is its ability to release trapped nitrogen gas after the pressure inside the generator has been reduced. This makes it very simple to replenish the medium to begin a new cycle of oxygen production. Airoxy also creates an industrial oxygen generator that provides the zeolite vessels with low-pressure blowers and regenerates them with a vacuum. In addition to our Pressure Swing Adsorption version, we also manufacture an industrial oxygen generator for sale.

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